Release Notes - September

What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

 New Features


  • September 2nd: We've done some significant improvements in the APSIS One Migration Wizard.


  • September 5th: Now there's a message in the File Import Wizard about the time it takes to create and update Profiles in your Audience. See more...
  • September 6th: On the File Import Wizard, you have the option of deciding whether Profiles should be resubscribed to your Consent list and Topics or not. Read more about this feature!

Email tool

  • September 3rd: It is now possible to upload an image to the Image Element by dropping an image file into the element. Read more about the Image Element in the Email Editor...
  • September 11th: Email Reports now include a chart to better visualise segmentation in Row filtering comparison.
  • September 17th: Email Details are pre-filled with your user's name, email and the working name for the activity. These can be changed directly in the Email Editor Settings or in the Details step. Read more...

SMS tool

  • September 3rd: Filter by tag is now available for the SMS tool segmentation settings! Take a look.
  • September 16th: Hover over the created or sent date of any SMS activity to see the exact time!
  • September 17th: Frequency settings are now available on the Send to step of the SMS Wizard.

Website tool

Marketing Automation tool





  • We have, overall, fixed a few errors in spelling, text content and design across the platform.


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