New: Profile Consent in File Import Wizard

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Managing profile consent just became this much easier.

Previously, all the profiles that you created or updated with the File Import Wizard were automatically subscribed to your communications if you didn't skip the channel consent step. This proved to be less than ideal for customers who were importing files coming from a separate CRM. It became apparent that, despite being a standard for similar platforms, APSIS One users would greatly benefit from having an alternative when it comes to managing profile consent in the File Import Wizard.

So here it is! As you use the File Import Wizard to create and update profiles in APSIS One, you may choose to check if they have decided to opt-out from your communications in APSIS One and keep their level of consent intact.

Note that this is regarding opt-in and out from topic level, and not section level. This means that, for the time being, it is not possible to resubscribe profiles on section level (all topics).

So, you get to choose whether you would like to resubscribe them or not with a simple checkbox. Take a look:




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The first one is that you can create attributes directly from the Mapping step, where you match your file's columns with APSIS One attributes.



Tag with Column Value

And the second one is about tagging profiles according to a column value! If your file contains a column with one or more values, you may choose to tag them according to the values in that column. You may do this with multiple values and multiple columns. 



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