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Actionable data points in APSIS One: Tag your profiles with the File Import Wizard!

When making an import of profile data to APSIS One today you’ll have a variety of opportunities to include more than just an email address, phone number and name. By using both attributes and tags you can easily populate your profiles towards complete personas rather than having two-dimensional data points. 

And we've just improved your experience for tagging profiles in the File Import Wizard. Not only can you tag all the profiles from your file, you can now select a column from your file and tag profiles with the multiple values present in that column. For example, if you wanted to tag profiles according to their interest, you may add those values separated by commas as shown below:




Tagging Profiles with the File Import Wizard

The process is simple. To tag all profiles with one or more values, select a tag under Tag profiles.

To tag profiles with the values present in a column from your file, specify the column in the drop-down menu.



In a nutshell

You’ll be able to fit much more of your CRM data into actionable data points in APSIS One, without having to clean up or reorganise the file to a fitting format before the import. It also means that you’ll be able to take the next step in personalisation and relevance when putting together your next campaign or send out. After all, it’s all about data!

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What's next?

This feature is planned to evolve in the future. We're working on creating the same possibilities when it comes to attributes, so that you can import profiles with multiple attribute values. We'll let you know when it's ready, so keep an eye on APSIS One Notifications articles!  



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