New: Show Profiles in Send to Step!

 What's new?

Calculate how many profiles match your sending preferences.

You now have the ability to calculate how many profiles will receive your messages. Create your email or SMS as usual, and then continue until you reach the Send to step. Here's the article where we announced we were working on this feature, in case you're curious.

This way, you will have a better overview of the potential outcome of your Email and SMS tool activities. After adding tags or segments on the Send to step, simply click Calculate now.




Get all the details.

Another part of this feature is being able to see the profiles that would receive the activity with your chosen settings.



On the bottom,  click Show Profiles to see a list of the profiles that matched your settings.



From that list of profiles, you'll be able to access a profile directly in Audience and take a look at their profile data. Read more about the Send to step in Creating an Email...




What's next?

More and more features to improve your experience in APSIS One.

We've been working on adding more options when it comes to sending emails with the Email tool. Here's the mandatory sneak peek:



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