New: Language Options in Domains

 What's new?

Language Options has now moved to Domains!

Now that we've released this new feature, it's important that you know when to find it in the future. 

The new feature is available under Data Sections, on Account Settings.

You can now add the languages your domain supports, so that they will be easily accessible in all your Website tool activities. Simply locate the domain, click Add language and enter the cookie name and value that corresponds.




Do you have an existing Website tool activity with Language Options?

Here's how to proceed.


Part One

Documenting your existing language options.


1. Head over to the Website tool.



2. Locate all the activities that you have enabled Language Options in.



3. Edit an activity that contains language options.

In the Details step, take note of the cookie name and value that you chose for each language. If you have multiple domains, make note of this as well.

Repeat this process for all activities that contain language options.




Part Two

Setting up Language Options


1. Head over to Account Settings and enter Data Sections.



2. Expand the Data Section where you have the domains where you display the Website tool activities.

Then locate the first domain that you display Website tool activities on.



3. Click Add Language.



4. Enter a name for the language, and the cookie name and value that corresponds.



5. Repeat this process for every language that you support, as well as every domain that you may have in your Data Section.



Part Three

Enabling the new Language Options!


1. Return to the Website tool.



2. Select a Website tool activity that you identified previously and click Edit.



3. In the Details step, expand the Domain drop-down menu.

Select the domain and the domain language that corresponds with this activity.



4. Expand Show language options.



5. On Type, it should show Cookie if you have a language enabled.

On the right side, click the X.



6. On the Bottom bar, click Publish Changes.



7. Repeat this process with the Website tool activities that had the old Language Options features.

And there you go! 




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