Soon: Notification Node in Marketing Automation

  Coming soon!

Boost your productivity with a new node in the Marketing Automation tool.

We're very excited to announce that we're working on a new Marketing Automation node:

Notification node!

With this node, you will be able to send a notification to members of your organisation in the form of an email. Does that sound attractive? Keep reading.




Time to take action

In data-driven digital marketing it is crucial to address your profiles at the right time, and always take into account their relationship with your brand. Not only can you create powerful Marketing Automation flows with APSIS One, you can also integrate your business' internal efforts with the flows you create.

When profiles have reached a pivotal point in your flow, why not let those in your organisation know that it's time to make a move? New leads are what keeps your business growing, and knowing when to act is an invaluable asset.






How will it work?

Simple enough, just as the rest of APSIS One's Marketing Automation nodes. Add the node, fill in the contact details of those you wish to address, and proceed to enter a message.

There will be, of course, many options to customise when and how these messages are sent, and you will be able to make the most out of your profile's attributes as well so that everything is clear-cut for those receiving the message:

The Notification node will allow you to plan your notification sendings with advanced settings so that you can be sure of when the emails will be sent and how often. Real-time notifications will be available as well, sending one email every 10 minutes with the profiles collected since the last sendout.

The email will be generated according to the profiles that you would like to highlight in the email, and by including profile attributes, all recipients will receive the information they need in order to proceed with the instructions you provide.

Keep an eye on the notifications on the Information Centre for our next update!




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