Changes in Language Options for Domains

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Do you have a domain with multiple languages?

APSIS One has given users the opportunity to display different Website tool activities on domains depending on a cookie value. This setting has been available in the Details step of Website tool activities. However, this week we will be making a significant change that will simplify this process for all APSIS One users.

When we release in a couple days, the Language Options feature will be removed from Website tool activities, and it will become available as a new, more powerful feature in your Account Settings.




Domains and languages

Previously, to set up language-specific activities in the Website tool, it was enough to expand the Language Options section of the Details step. This, however, proved to be less than optimal. We decided to make a change that will improved the user experience.




How will your experience change?

This change is going to save time for APSIS One users who create activities per domain, and especially for those accounts that have specific user permissions set up when it comes to sections. The new setup will be performed only once, allowing all types of users to create activities and start collecting data without in-depth knowledge of the cookies being tracked per domain.




Coming this week!

Language Options is moving to the Domains setup of Data Sections in Account Settings!

Moving forward, Admin users of APSIS One will set up the different languages of their account's domains when adding them into Data Sections. Only once, and all Website tool activities will allow users to create activities based on the existing setup.




What's the benefit?

We understand you may have support for multiple languages in your domains. And as your business grows, this offering is prone to grow as well! There's also different implementations that can translate your domains into different languages, and finding the cookie value that will determine the language can be a repetitive task when it really only needs to be done once.

Save time, support as many languages, and encourage all the users of your APSIS One account to create activities with the comfort of knowing that all the settings are correct. What's even better, APSIS One will perform much better as it will improve its efficiency overall.




Do you have active Website tool activities?

Take a look at your APSIS One account and identify which Website tool activities are language-specific. Make note of which languages and cookie names and values you have for these activities, and sit tight until we come with more details on how to proceed.

Once the new feature is released, it will require minimal effort from you as an APSIS One Admin user to transfer these settings into your Domain under Data Sections in Account Settings. We will send a Highlights notification into APSIS One with detailed step-by-step guides to get you set up in no time. Stay tuned!



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