New: Icon Menu Element

 What's new?

Let's give a warm welcome to the Icon Menu element!

This new element makes it possible for APSIS One users to easily add their social media channels in every email campaign!

The Icon Menu element is also good for creating customer feedback surveys for recipients to answer NPS questions, express their satisfaction about the products and services, and so much more.

This element beautifully fits into the Email Editor’s Canvas along with other elements, and looks even better in the inbox. Want to read more about it? Head over here...




About Icon Styles

APSIS One's Icon Menu element gives you the possibility of choosing between different icon styles that match the branding of different social media channels. This makes it much easier to be consistent and mindful when it comes to other companies' branding requirements.

Combined with the design possibilities in the Row Settings, you can be sure that emails created with the APSIS One Email Editor will always look their best. Take a look:




Custom Icons

Of course, the Icon Menu element offers more possibilities other than social media channels.

For example, if you wanted to gather some insights on what your APSIS One profiles think of your brand, you may add icons for them to give you feedback. Simply add custom icons, and assign an URL to each of them with a landing page or a feedback form. After you send the email, take a look at the Email Report to get more insights!




What's next?

As always, here's a little sneak peek of yet another feature we've been working on...

Is that an attribute drop-down? And is that a custom attribute?

Stay tuned!



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