Coming Soon: Filtered Content

  Coming soon!

Segmentation has never been this powerful.

Coming very soon is a series of features we've grouped together as one big release: Filtered Content!

It's a full-circle journey from gathering the members of your Audience, being able to delight them according to their particular needs, and then seeing real-time results of your marketing efforts.




Row Segmentation

While in the APSIS One Email Editor, create rows for your email that are dedicated to specific members of your Audience. Then, modify the settings to include or exclude segments from viewing the content!

Picture this:

With only one Email activity, reach as many inboxes without compromising the content they see. Simply add a row for different types of subscribers, members of your Audience, or even demographics to cater to their particular wishes and interests.




Preview as Segments

Of course, you will be able to preview your activity as usual. With the added benefit that you will be able to select one or more segments, and see how it will look in their inboxes. This way, you can have a better overview of the content you've included for each of them.




Test as Segments

What's even more fun, is that you will be able to send a test email as a segment as well! This will prove useful whenever performing review sessions with your team, and even looking into different email clients.




Text Version Segmentation

It is important to have a text version for your emails, since it's proven that they boost open rates. For accessibility and comfort purposes, many subscribers prefer the text version. And there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to use segmentation for them, too!

The text version generated from your Text Elements will also make the most out of your Row Segmentation, so that all members of your Audience can have an equivalent experience. All of this, seamlessly. 




Email Reports: Row Filtering Comparison

What happens after you send that email? Well, Email Reports are growing in power, too. With the Row Filtering Comparison section, get unique insights on how different segments performed and reacted to your email campaign. Now, that's how you make the most out of an email campaign!

If you like the statistics shown in a table, you got it.



Prefer a chart? We're working on making this feature available as soon as possible, yet it will not be a part of the initial release.




What's next?

There's a new element coming to the Email Editor: Menu Icon Element!

This element will allow APSIS One users to add links to their social media channels, as well as create quick surveys to assess the satisfaction of their customers via email.

Here's a sneak peek:



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