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Test your APSIS One emails with Litmus!

APSIS One partnered with Litmus to enhance your experience creating and designing emails with the Email Editor.

Litmus provides a suite of email design and email marketing tools that help you build, design, test and analyse and even compare the visibility of your email campaigns. Read more about Litmus...




About Email Client Testing

With the APSIS One Email Editor, you can make sure that your emails will look great in every email client, thanks to the fully integrated built-in Litmus email client test feature. You'll find it once you enter the Preview mode in the Email Editor's Bottom bar, and click Email client test. Jump to the Bottom bar article...



Since it's built into your account, each user on your APSIS One account can make up to 4 tests per month. A test includes 10 previews, for a total of 40 previews a month. With the feature, you and the rest of the users in your account can see how the email would look like in 10 selected email clients. Instead of installing or managing multiple email clients, the Litmus email client test simplifies the task of optimising your APSIS One email activities before they're scheduled and sent.

Since the APSIS One email tool comes with pre-defined templates, you already have a good head-start to create the most compatible email across the most popular email clients. What's even better, a very important part of our service offering is the creation of custom templates that fit your particular needs. Read more about APSIS' Creative Services... 



Available Email Clients

APSIS One's built-in Litmus feature offers you 10 different email clients to test your emails with.



Here are the available clients per device:


  • iPhone 7 — iOS 11
  • iPhone 6 — iOS 9.3
  • Samsung Mail — Android 7
  • Gmail App — Android 8.0


  • Apple Mail 11 — macOS 10.13
  • Outlook 2019 — Win 10
  • Outlook 2016 — Win 10 


  • Gmail — Chrome
  • Outlook — Internet Explorer
  • Yahoo! Mail — Chrome



What's next?

Stay tuned for our next big release: Filtered Content! Target different segments with tailored content, all in the same email... And even preview and test how different profiles will see your email if they belong to the segments.

Here's a little sneak peek:



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