Microsoft Excel Support

  Coming soon!

Microsoft Excel files are coming to the File Import Wizard!

Next week we'll be releasing a highly requested feature. We've been working on improving the File Import Wizard and it's getting better and better.

Keep an eye on the Information Centre for our next Release Note notification!




File Import Wizard

A lot of APSIS One users feel at home working with Microsoft Excel whenever managing their data, so we made it a priority to support XLS and XLSX files.

As of next week, the File Import Wizard will allow you to upload a CSV file up to 10MB, and a XLS or a XLSX file up to 3MB.




What's next?

The good news don't stop there. We're also working on a new Export feature for APSIS One users to export Profiles from a Topic inside a Consent list as a CSV, XLS or XLSX file. Stay tuned!



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