Marketing Automation Release

 What's new?

Marketing Automation is here.

Get started with your automated data-driven customer dialogues!

Use this tool to send relevant content to your customers at the right time. You can create workflows in the Marketing Automation tool that will welcome a new subscriber, celebrate your customers' birthdays and more. As you learn more and more about your customers through the use of Audience, you will be able to see and define the most important workflows for your business to prioritise.




Eager to get started?

Set aside time to get friendly with this tool! It will lead to you finding more time for strategic and creative thinking. Master the tool and free yourself from some of the repetitive campaign executions.

Here in the Knowledge Base you can find all the guides for the Marketing Automation tool.




What's next?

This is only the first release of the Marketing Automation tool, and it will grow and increase in features and capabilities continuously so that you can have a great data-driven dialogue with your customers. You may notice some features in the tool marked with a quarter, which signals that they're scheduled to be released soon. Stay tuned!



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