New Email Tool Features

 What's new?

The Email tool just got more powerful with new Send to features!

APSIS One now has an exciting pair of new features that might just increase your Audience Profile's engagement with your brand.




Filter by Tags

Let's say you're about to send an email, and would like to specify which profiles should receive it. This is already a key feature in APSIS One, Segmentation. However, we have added Filter by Tag as a new option in Profile segmentation in the Email tool's Send to step. Instead of creating a segment based on a tag, you can simply choose a tag directly!

This is particularly useful when you want to send an email to a select group of people that you may have imported from a different system. This can be achieved today with APSIS One's File Import Wizard, since it allows you to tag the profiles that you imported.

Being able to filter the recipients by tag is a good option for those users who have a workflow similar to this... and, may we add, does it save time!





What's even better: there's a new Frequency feature that allows you to filter out Profiles that have already received an Email from you recently, which is very handy if you want to avoid sending emails too often.




What's next?

Stay tuned for our next big release: Filtered Content! Target several different segments with tailored content, all in the same email. You will be able to achieve this by using Row Segmentation, and adding personalised content for each segment to see. Row Segmentation is one of the upcoming Filtered Content features.

Here's a little sneak peek:



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