New Activity: Auto-Collect

 What's new?

Recently we made a big addition to our Website tool. We thought it'd be nice to go through it with you and let you know how it affects and improves your experience working with APSIS One. Get to know the new activity: Auto-Collect! Jump to the Auto-Collect article...




What is Auto-Collect?

Auto-Collect feeds website interaction data into APSIS One, and allows APSIS One users to enrich their Audience profiles. Implementing the tracking script and having their visitors provide cookie consent are at the forefront of this Website tool activity.



Data Sources

Not only is every page view recorded as a Website Interaction, Auto-Collect simplifies the task of bringing into the platform the valuable data from existing integrations with Google Analytics and Google SEO/SEM.

Did this profile come into your website because of a Facebook ad? Did they visit your website and perform a search? Then you can gather that data with Auto-Collect as well! All of this data will be recorded in APSIS One profiles under Website Interactions, so long as they provided cookie consent. Read more about Website Interactions on the Profile View page...




Does it seem familiar?

This activity used to be a feature of using the APSIS One Cookie Banner. It has now become an activity of its own, in order to improve the user experience and provide APSIS One users with more capabilities in the future. Read more about APSIS One Cookie activities...




We are constantly evolving

We are constantly looking for more ways to improve APSIS One, so we're constantly identifying new data points that will bring value to your organisation.

Soon Auto-Collect will also gather data from profiles who are brought into your site via LinkedIn and will track external links to certain domains. Stay tuned!



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