About Templates

Save Emails as Templates so that your Emails have a consistent feel and to maintain brand identity. You may create them for future use, whether you're in the middle of creating an Email or want to go straight into template making.

There's a special wizard for the creation of templates. To get there, click Create New Template.




Templates tab

To get to the Templates tab, head over to the the Email tool and click Templates from the Activity page.



Click on an item below to read more about what you can do in the Templates tab:

Saving an Email Draft as a Template

How to Save an Email Draft as a Template

1. Begin by creating an Email activity and choosing a template in the Templates step.

Read more about Creating an Email...



2. Add elements and assets to your Email. Read more about the Email Editor...



2. Test your template to make sure that everything looks perfect. Click Test on the Bottom bar and enter the sender details of the email. Note that "[Test]" will be added to the subject line.



3. When you're happy with your Email, click on Save as Template on the Bottom bar



4. Enter a name and description for your template and click Save.

Note that, if you included or excluded any segments from a row, these settings will not be saved in the template. This will only be displayed if you have included or excluded segments from a row, which is done in Row Settings.

That's it! It will appear under Your Templates next time you start the Email Editor.



The template will also be saved as a draft.

Editing a Template

How to Edit a Template 

1. Click on the template you wish to edit.



2. Click Edit in the Bottom bar.



3. The Email editor will open. Make your changes!



4. Done? Go back to your other activities. All changes are saved automatically.

Deleting a Template

How to Delete a Template

1. Click on the template you wish to delete.



2. Click Delete in the Bottom bar.



3. Are you sure? If yes, click Delete. Otherwise, click Cancel.


Cloning a Template

How to Clone a Template

1. Click on the Template you wish to copy.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Clone.



3. Your template will be cloned, with "(clone)" added to the name.



Renaming and Editing Template Description

How to Rename a Template and/or Edit its Description

1. Click on the Template.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Rename.



3. Modify the template's name or description.



4. Done? Click Rename to save your changes, or Cancel to discard them.






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