Your Templates

About Your Templates

These templates are those that users in your account have saved from a draft, or that have been created by our Creative Services professionals as part of your APSIS One package.

Here's a few things to consider whenever working with a custom template:

The Email Editor has an autosave feature. If you edit a template from the Templates tab, any changes made will be saved automatically. We suggest that you clone the template first, and make changes to the clone template instead. That way, you'll keep both versions.

If you select one of Your Templates in the Template Wizard, your original template will remain intact as you are creating a new template using an existing one as a basic layout. Make sure to name your templates and add descriptions for all the users in your account to be able to recognise them in the future.

Would you like an overview of all the common changes users make whenever making a new template from an existing one? Head over here.






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