Release Notes - April

What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

 New Features


  • April 18th: The Calendar now displays active Website tool activities in the shape of bars.


  • April 4th: We have a brand-new date picker in the Segment Builder. Take a look!

Email tool

  • April 3rd: We added a new feature that makes using data tags in subject lines and pre-headers more user friendly. Did you know you can also add emojis?
  • April 5th: We have now added Pre-defined templates! You may create them for future use, whether you're in the middle of creating an Email or want to go straight into template making.
  • April 8th: Also in the Email Editor: the Structure panel now scrolls directly to the location of a row or column when you click on it in the Canvas.
  • April 12th: The Email tool Activity page now shows the exact time an activity was created, edited, scheduled, etc.
  • April 12th: Templates now have a description field for users to enter some essential information. It is also possible to update the description of assets in the Assets tab. This way, your custom content will be easier to manage for all of the users in your account.
  • April 17th: You can now create templates from the Templates tab. This way, you can design stunning emails to be used for your future emails.
  • April 8th: You may now select a row by clicking on the line between the Structure Panel and the Canvas, in the Email Editor.
  • April 30th: The Details step of the Email Wizard has been moved to after the Design step.





  • We have, overall, fixed a few errors in spelling, text content and design across the platform.


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