The Bottom Bar

In the Flow Editor's Bottom bar you'll find the Node Stats, Flow Settings and the Activate button.

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Save as Template

To save your current flow as a template, click Save as template in the Bottom bar.

Enter a name and description for your template. Then click Save.

The templates you create will be shown under Your Templates on the Template step of the Marketing Automation Wizard.





Node Stats

Click on Node Stats on the Bottom bar to see real-time statistics on how each node is performing.



On every node you can see the status of the profiles that are or have been in the node, as well as a graph depicting how they compare to each other.

In the node: This is the percentage of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that are currently in this node.

Completed the node: This is the percentage of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that have completed this node, and moved onto the next one.

Left the flow: This is the percentage of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that left the flow while being in this specific node.




Flow Settings

To open, click Flow Settings in the Bottom bar.



In Flow settings you can adjust your preferences as to how many times profiles enter your flow, excluding tags and set a specific time zone. Here's some information about Flow Settings. They're divided between General and Consent settings.



General Settings

Click on an item below to expand:



These settings will allow you to decide how many times profiles can enter the flow.

Choose between unlimited, and up to five times.



You may also choose to allow them to enter a number of times within a certain time frame. To achieve that, click the Within a time frame box and select between 1 to 10 days, weeks, months or years.


 Removed profiles from a paused flow

When activating a paused flow, you get the choice of removing the profiles from it. If you do, not only will they still be a part of the Report, but they will also be able to re-enter this Marketing Automation flow after you activate it again.

This means that, even if you limited the number of times profiles can enter the flow, those who were removed from the flow when reactivating will be allowed in once more.


Remove Tagged

Remove Tagged

It's possible to set up a rule that will remove from the flow all profiles that are tagged at any point in time. Regardless of where they are in the flow, or when they're tagged, if you set up this rule you may remove them from the flow.

Note that the profiles will not be removed immediately when they are tagged, but rather when they leave a node. This means that profiles will enter the Listen node and then be removed. They will also be a part of the statistics of the Listen node.

For example, if a profile is tagged while on a Timer node, the profile will remain in the Timer node according to its settings. If the profile is still tagged when it has completed the Timer node, it will be removed from the flow. If the profile is not tagged anymore by the time it completes the Timer node, it will remain in the flow.

Click on the drop-down menu to select an existing tag.



To create a new tag, click Create new tag



Enter the name for the tag and click Save.



Time Zone

Time Zone

You may adapt this marketing automation flow to a specific time zone. This is particularly useful whenever creating flows that will affect profiles who reside in other countries.

Select a time zone from the drop-down menu.




When done, click Save.




Consent Settings

Here you can see which section, Consent list and Topics you chose when setting up this Marketing Automation flow. This is only for information purposes, as you cannot change them once the flow has been created.

Click on an item below to expand:



The section this Marketing Automation flow has been created on.





The Consent list that contains the profiles that will enter this flow and will be receiving emails from this Marketing Automation flow.





The Topics (from the Consent list you chose) that will enter this flow and will be receiving emails from this Marketing Automation flow.






Whenever your flow is ready to be activated, click Activate on the Bottom bar.



However, have in mind that it's not possible to activate a flow that contains incomplete nodes. Whenever you try to activate an incomplete flow, you will see the following warning:



You may either complete or delete the incomplete nodes. To see the incomplete nodes, click Show nodes.



By clicking on the arrows, you may toggle between all incomplete nodes, which will be highlighted in red.



You may also delete the nodes you don't think are necessary in order to activate your flow. To learn more about how to delete a node, jump here and read Deleting a Node.




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