Release Notes - March

What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

 New Features


  • The Calendar now displays active Website tool activities in the shape of bars.


  • The File Import Wizard now supports custom attributes.
  • Profiles now have fully supportive GDPR Options, which allow you to export and delete a profile's data.
  • The Segment Builder now shows the number of profiles that match the segment created.
  • You can now also see a list of the profiles that match a specific segment, both from the Bottom bar in the Segments tab and in the Segment Builder.
  • The list of profiles that match a segment can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Email tool

  • You may now clone elements in the Email Editor. Find the clone feature in the Element Options.
  • Assets can be cloned too, from the Assets tab in the Activity Page.
  • In the Design Panel, we've fully redesigned the Assets tab. You can now delete assets directly from the Email Editor.
  • Email templates can now be tested! The Test button is now included in the Email Editor's bottom bar for templates and the test templates will be received as "[Template] template name".
  • When you don't include an unsubscribe link in your email, you see a popup warning. In the Email Editor, this warning has been moved down to the Bottom bar.
  • We have updated the device visibility option in Row Settings, in the Email Editor, so you can now hide rows in both desktop and mobile.
  • You can now preview your email in the Overview step.
  • Email Reports now show a preview of the sent email too.

SMS tool

  • The Activity Page has been redesigned, now showing the amount of SMS credits available and includes a quick access to buy more credits. The new button is placed next to the Create a New Activity button.
  • You can now clone SMS activities from the Bottom bar in the Activity Page.
  • There is a new status for SMS activities: Not sent. It appears when no profiles matched the segments applied to the SMS sending.





  • We've made some small design improvements on the Calendar page.
  • We have, overall, fixed a few errors in spelling, text content and design across the platform.


  • There were some cases in which profiles would merge, overriding a locked attribute (e.g. email address). This has been fixed and now two profiles are created to contain the two independent locked attributes.

Email tool

  • The Bottom bar now works as expected whenever selecting an item in card view, in the Activity Page.
  • Firefox users were experiencing issues with the colour picker in the Email Editor. It's been fixed.


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