Marketing Automation Tool Reports

Activity reports are meant to give you specific insights about the setup of your activity, and the impact it has had on your Audience growth and data collection.

Here you will find information about how profiles interact with your Marketing Automation flow.



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View Activity Report 

1. Make sure you're in the Active & Paused tab of the Marketing Automation tool.



2. Locate the flow you wish to see the report of. Consider that reports are available directly after the flow has been activated, but actual figures take time to come in.



3. Either double-click the flow or click on the Flow and click Report on the Bottom bar.



4. There's the report!



5. Choose a time period from the drop-down on the top right to display accurate statistics.





Here's an overview of your Marketing Automation flow.

Click on an item below to expand:  


Working name

This is the name that was chosen for the sign-up bar, and is only displayed and used internally.



Activation date

This is the date you activated this flow.



Profile Activity

Here's how APSIS One profiles have interacted with your Marketing Automation flow.

You'll see statistics for different actions, as well as a timeline graph.



The numbers above Total reflect the total amount of times that the profiles performed the action.

Unique refers to the amount of profiles that performed the action.

Here's more about each statistic:

Started: Entered the flow.

Active: Currently active in the flow.

Completed: Successfully completed this flow.

Cancelled: Left your flow.




Node Stats

To reach Node Stats, click on the Node Stats tab of the Marketing Automation flow Report.



Node stats gives you get a better overview of how the nodes of your flow are performing, with percentages and graphs that help visualise the flow's progress and impact on your Audience. It is also possible to see and export the profiles in each node of the flow.

Click on an item below to learn more about what you can do in Node Stats:

General Information

In Node Stats, you will get unique insights of how profiles travel through your flow.

Hover over the percentages to see the exact number of profiles that are in the node, completed the node or left the flow.

The graph depicts how many profiles are in the node in relation of how many are a part of each particular statistic.

Here, for example, you can see there are 82 profiles in the node. Out of which, 65 have completed the node (79%).




On every node you can see the status of the profiles that are or have been in the node, as well as a graph depicting how they compare to each other.



In the node: The profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that are currently in this node.

Completed the node: The profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that have completed this node, and moved onto the next one.

Left the flow: The profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that left the flow while being in this specific node.



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