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Here are a few words about everything you can do from the activity page, some useful information about the general features of the page as well as detailed descriptions on how to perform specific actions in each tab. Scroll down in this article to read more, or refer to the left navigation to jump to a specific section of this article.




Search Bar

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Type in this bar to Search and find specific items within the tab you're in. To read more about tabs, scroll down to Activity Page Tabs.

To search in the entire platform, try global search.



Create a New Flow

Want to get straight into business? Click Create a New Flow.




Display Options

There's a couple ways to view your activity page:


Page View

List View

In the list view, your activities are displayed in a list. It is the default view when you enter the tool.

Reorganise your activity list by clicking on the different columns, where you'll find all the essential information about your Marketing Automation flows.



 Name: This is the working name you chose for your flow.

 Consent: Whether this flow requires Marketing Automation consent.

 Pre-defined: If this is a pre-defined Marketing Automation flow, the type will be shown here. Otherwise, it will show as custom.

 Section: This is the section where the flow was created.

 Status: This is the current status of the flow, whether it's a draft, active, paused or deleted.

 Created: The date the flow was created.

 Started: The date the flow was activated and started performing the actions and decisions chosen.


Card View

Toggle the card view on or off by clicking on the card view button on the right of the list.



This is how the card view looks like:



To return to the list view, click the list view button on the right.




Activity Page Tabs

As with other activity pages, you can quickly navigate to and from your Drafts, Active & Paused, Templates and Deleted items. Access each section by pressing its corresponding tab in the Activity page.

Scroll down in this article to read about all the tabs, or click on a specific tab in the left side navigation to jump there.


Drafts Tab

This is the tab that opens by default when you enter the Marketing Automation tool. Under Drafts you'll find all the flows you previously started but haven't activated yet. Easily get back on track by taking a look at this section and choosing a flow to continue.



Click on an item below to read more about what you can do in the Drafts tab:

Editing a Flow Draft

How to Edit a Flow Draft

1. Open a flow draft by double-clicking on it.



2. The Flow Canvas will open up. Time to make your changes.



3. That's it! You can go back to your other tasks if you wish. All changes are saved automatically.

Activating a Flow Draft

How to Activate a Flow Draft

1. Double-click on a flow draft.



2. The Flow Canvas will open. On the Bottom bar, click Activate.



3. Are you sure you want to activate this flow? If yes, click Activate. Otherwise, Cancel.



Deleting a Flow Draft

How to Delete a Flow Draft

1. Click on the flow you wish to delete. You can also select a group of flows to delete by clicking on one of the flows, holding the Shift key and clicking on the last flow you want to delete.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Delete.



3. Are you sure? If yes, click Delete. Otherwise, click Cancel.




Active & Paused Tab

Active & Paused flows are those Marketing Automation flows that are currently active or paused.



Click on an item below to read more about what you can do in the Active & activated tab:

Flow Status

What are the different Flow Statuses?

Take a look at the status labels in order to tell them apart:

Active Flows are those that have been finished, activated and are performing the flow's actions and decisions.

Flows will show as Paused if they have been paused by a user, despite having been activated before. There still may be profiles in any nodes of the flow, but all timer nodes will be paused and they will not move to the next node while the flow is still paused.


Pausing a Flow

How to Pause an Active Flow

1. Click on the active flow that you would like to pause.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Pause.



Are you sure you want to pause it? Then click Pause. Otherwise, Cancel.



Your flow will be paused.



Activating a Flow

How to Activate a Flow

1. Click on the paused Flow you wish to activate.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Activate.



3. Since your flow was previously active, there are profiles currently in the flow. Would you like to keep the profiles that remain in the flow from before, or would you like to remove them and start the flow from scratch?



Click Keep to allow the profiles to finish the flow, or click Remove to start the flow with new profiles.

If you remove the profiles, your flow will activate and can be found in the Active & Paused tab. It may take up to 10 minutes to remove the profiles from the flow.

On the other hand, if you kept the profiles:

Most likely, there will be some profiles inside timer nodes. Click Skip for these profiles to skip the time and jump to the next node, or click Resume for them to continue with the time they had left inside that node.



Flow Reports

How to View a Report

1. Make sure you're in the Active & Paused tab of the Marketing Automation tool.



2. Locate the flow you wish to see the report of. Consider that reports are available directly after the flow has been activated, but actual figures take time to come in.



3. Either double-click the flow or click on the Flow and click Report on the Bottom bar.



4. There's the report!



To read more about reports, head over to the Reports article.

Editing a Flow

How to Edit an Active Flow

1. Click on the Flow that you would like to edit.



2. You must first pause the flow. Click Pause and Confirm.



3. The Flow Canvas will open. Make your changes!



4. That's it! You can activate your flow again by clicking Activate in the Bottom bar. You may also leave the activity without activating. It will remain paused.



Deleting a Flow

How to Delete a Flow

1. Click on the flow you wish to delete.



2. On the Bottom bar, click Delete.



3. Are you sure you want to delete this flow? Currently, it is not possible to restore a deleted flow.

If yes, click Delete. Otherwise, click Cancel.

If you delete an active flow, it will be paused and sent to the Deleted tab.




Deleted Tab

Here's where your deleted Marketing Automation flows go.





The Bottom Bar

Clicking on an activity will bring up the Bottom bar.

There you will see activity options like edit, delete, activate, pause, etc. These will also depend on the tab you're in. It also shows up, permanently, in the Flow Editor.





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