About Marketing Automation

Embrace the true power of profile data with Marketing Automation.

The marketing automation tool lets you automatically nurture you visitors and customers with personalised communications across your marketing channels.

Start the flows from a wide choice of triggers, from adding a single tag to a profile to using the combination of attributes and behavioural events—through the use of APSIS One's powerful Segmentation and Audience.

Split the users entering the flow by separate paths based on their interactions, and add a value to those profiles that have successfully reached an endpoint. Or simply use the split to test variations of the flow, and simultaneously see which path has the best conversion rate and click through.

The tool comes with a number of predefined template flows, but you may save your own custom flows as templates for future use.

For every want and every need, the Marketing Automation tool will respond with the right action in your automation flows to delight your customer profiles in APSIS One Audience.







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