Finally, the feature we’ve all been waiting for!

After you’ve logged in, the calendar on the start page will be shown.

Here you will find an overview of what the future has in store for you.



After the welcome message, you can quickly resume your latest activities by clicking on their button. If you'd like to jump to a new activity, click Create New Activity.




Display Options

Toggle the month, week and day view of the calendar: 

Calendar Filter

Use filters to decide what activities you wish to display.

To open filters, click on the filters button on the top right corner of the calendar.



Tick on the boxes of the options you want to filter on, then click on Apply to apply your filter. To display all the activities without any filters, click Clear Filters.



Month View

By default, you will be shown the current month.

To change the month on display, click the arrows on the top and bottom of the calendar.



Week View

To take a closer look at your week, click the week icon on the top right corner of the calendar diagram.



To change the week on display, click the arrows on either sides of the calendar.



If you happen to go back and forth and lose the present view, simply click on Today on the top right corner above the calendar diagram.



Go back to month view by clicking the month icon, located where the week icon was before.



Day View

Click on a day to see what's in store for you.

To go back to the full view, click the day again.



Under a specific tool in the day view, click on an activity to see the details, the report or to edit the activity. Read more about this type of items in the dropdown below called Platform Generated Items.





Calendar Items

Here's an overview of what all the items shown on the calendar are, and how to view and interpret them.

User-Generated Items

These are items with a due date that you have previously added to the To-do list.

Access the To-do list simply by clicking on an item.



Platform-Generated Items

These come from tools, activities, flows and actions in the APSIS software, like emails.

Click on the colour-coded icons or bars:


The bars represent activities that don't have a specific scheduled date but are instead an ongoing activity, like sign-up bars, cookie banners, etc.

The icons correspond with scheduled activities and Team To-do's. If you hover over an activity icon or bar you will see its name as a tooltip.

Under a specific tool in the day or week view, click on an activity to see the details, the report or to edit the activity.



If, for example, you had an unsent draft for an activity, by clicking on it you will be taken to the tool’s editing page.

If the activity is active or has been completed, you will be taken to the reports page.

Activities are displayed differently: One-time activities, like an Email or SMS activity, are displayed as colour-coded circles.

Activities that are active for a period of time or indefinitely, like Website activities, are displayed as lines.



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