Information Centre

We all need a right hand.

On the top right corner of the platform screen you'll find the Information Centre.

The three sections are Global Search, Notifications, User Activity and Settings.

Let's get to know them!



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Global Search

With the Global Search nothing is ever truly lost.



Use this search bar to keep track of all your recent searches and to search for content by using keywords. No matter where it is. Go ahead, give it a try!



The search function is optimised to provide accurate results based on the words that you input. For that reason, when you type anything into search you will see suggestions based on your input. The actual results will show up once you press Enter, so that they are as accurate as possible and save you precious time.




Are you up to date with everything?

Notifications will keep you on your toes so that you don’t miss a thing.



Under All, you will find all your recent notifications. These are either generated by the system (like maintenance notices, marketing promotions, release notes and dates, events and webinars), or they will come with information from your tools. Notifications from Audience and Insights, however, are not supported at this time.

If you only want to see those notifications you haven’t read yet, click Unread. The number after Unread points out how many items are in this category. To mark a notification as read, click the eye icon. To delete a notification, click on the "x" icon.



User Activity

The User Activity stream will allow you to keep track of what all the users in the account are doing.

Here you will find all the recent actions users have performed anywhere in the platform, from editing an Email template to importing Audience profiles.

To learn more about a specific activity or action a user has performed, click on the activity link displayed in the stream.




See your name right there?

Clicking on your name initials or picture takes you to your Settings, your Private Notes and Team To-do's.

Scroll down in this article to read more.



Switch Account

Do you have a user in more than one account? 

Open the sidebar by clicking on your profile picture, and you will see the option to switch account.

To switch account, click on the name of the first account and choose another from the drop-down menu.



Are you sure? If you are, click Yes. Otherwise, Cancel.





About Private Notes and Team To-Do's

Also available in the Information Centre are PrivateNotes and Team To-Do's.

To access them, click on the far-right icon with either your initial or your profile picture to reach your Profile & Settings. Private Notes and Team To-Do's are shown on the middle to lower part of the Information Centre.

Scroll down to read more.


Private Notes

Private Notes are quick user-specific sketches that help users keep track of small bits of information.

These can be used for colour codes, quick reminders, something for the user's eyes only.



Adding a Private Note

How to Add a Private Note

1. Head to the Information Centre on the top right corner of the platform and click on your profile picture.



2. Under Private notes and Team To-dos, click on Private Notes and then on Add Notes.



3. Enter a Headline to identify your note with, then write the content under Description.



4. Ready? Click Save. If you want to scrap the note, click Cancel.



Editing a Private Note

How to Edit a Private Note

1. To edit a note, first find the note you wish to edit.



2. Click on the field you wish to edit, either headline or description.



3. Freely make the changes. Your changes will be saved automatically.



Organising Private Notes

How to Organise Private Notes

1. Click on the dividers under the notes and drag them to move the notes around.

Release to place the note. Easy, no? Just a drag and drop!



Deleting Private Notes

How to Delete a Private Note

1. Find the note you wish to delete.



2. Click the circle with the "x" on the top right corner of the note.


2. Click Confirm to delete the note, otherwise click Cancel.





Team To-Do's

Team To-Do's are account-wide task reminders located in your Information Centre.

Whenever a user creates a to-do, regardless of whether it was an admin or not, these will be visible to all users of the account.




Adding a Team To-Do

How to Add a Team To-Do

1. Head to the Information Centre on the top right corner of the platform and click on your profile picture.



2. Under Private notes and Team To-dos, click Add To-Do.



3. Write a Headline to identify your to-do with, and a Description if you wish to have some extra information.



3. Choose a due date for your to-do by clicking on a date.

Switch between months by clicking the small arrows on the top right of the calendar.



4. When you're finished, click Save. If you want to delete it and start over, click Cancel. That's it!



Editing a Team To-Do

How to Edit a Team To-Do

1. Click on the Headline or Description fields.



2. Edit the text.



3. To edit the date, click on the date field and then select a different date on the calendar. Use the arrows to go back and forth between months.



4. That's it!



Marking a Team To-do as Done

How to Mark a Team To-Do As Done

1. Click on the circle next to the to-do you want to mark as done. Your item will now be moved to a separate tab for done items.



2. If you need to undo it, locate the item and click on the circle again.



Deleting a Team To-Do

How to Delete a Team To-Do

1. Choose the item you wish to delete and click the circle with the “x” on the top right.



2. To confirm, click Delete. If you're not sure, click Cancel.



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