Connect Your Own Cookie Banner

 Before you begin

Have you read our material on cookies and consent yet? Perhaps you'd like to read more about cookies...

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Cookie banners are most essential: with cookie banners you may get the visitors' explicit consent to gather their browsing data in order to have more information about their engagement with your website.

You must always display a message regarding cookies in your website for your visitors, so maybe go ahead and make one if you are unsure of where to begin.



 How to Connect Your Own Cookie Banner

1. Head over to the Website tool. You can do so from the shortcut on the calendar page or from your Tools page.



2. Click Create a New Activity.



3. The conversation wizard will open. Under Cookies, click Connect your own cookie banner.



4. When you click connect your own cookie banner, you will end up back in this article. Follow the rest of these instructions in order to make sure you can run the tracking script independently with your existing cookie banner. This is only available for Admin Users.


5. Head over to your Account Settings in the sidebar.



6. In Data Sections, expand the section you would like to work with.



7. Scroll down and expand Advanced Settings.



8. Toggle the Run Tracking Script Independently option.

You may choose to run the tracking script only when a certain cookie matches a value. This will simplify the way your cookie banner communicated with APSIS One's tracking script.

Tick the Match cookie value to start tracking box and enter a cookie name, match type and value.



9. Please refer to your own development team in order to make sure your cookie banner is paired with the APSIS One tracking script.





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