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Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that aims to make life easier for website creators and administrators, since it allows users to create, edit, manage and publish content without the need for previous programming knowledge. It is a pre-structured online platform, with options where the user can create their website dynamically and offer personalised content based on visitors’ behaviour. The advantages of using a CMS to manage your website’s content are numerous. It allows you to:

  • Create and manage websites without the need for technical programming knowledge reducing costs
  • Easily customize a website to fit your business needs due to the existence of plugins, widgets and themes available
  • Possibilities for expanding the functionality of your website, which can be turned into a blog, portal or even a virtual store without difficulties



  Simplify your daily work

Visitors expect you to deliver a personalised experience throughout their entire customer journey with your brand. You, as a marketer, is constantly looking for ways of automating your processes to deliver meaningful content in an efficient way.

We understand that the proliferation of channels and devices in today’s marketing landscape makes it harder for organisations to understand their customers and consistently deliver value. Marketers need to work efficiently to create content and deliver content that is relevant to the particularities of your customers at the right moment, without forgetting about the design for different devices, download speeds, countries, and accessibility contexts, and so on.

With the use of a modern CMS platform this a no-brainer. They allow for content and design to be defined separately and combined with ease and flexibility.

However, to take advantage of the full capabilities your CMS has to offer, you need to act on rich data about your customer behaviour using a powerful segmentation and personalisation engine. APSIS One is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to collect all siloed data about your customers in one place and act on this data using multiple tools and channels.

All of this, with the power of segmentation and consent management in your hands. As an APSIS One user, you have been using our Website Tool and Tracking Script to collect data from your website that is fed into your Audience allowing you to target visitors in a personalised and relevant way.

With our CMS Integrations, by creating Segments, you can walk the extra mile of customisation for your website based on your visitors’ behaviour. You can extend the power of you APSIS One and your CMS account by:

  • powering segment-based targeting and personalisation on any site built with you CMS
  • bringing over tracking Events and data from your CMS into APSIS One, and compiling a complete, 360-degree view of every customer

Do you want to display the right content to the right person creating a seamless customer journey? Combining the power of Audience with your CMS allows to easily achieve this goal!



Integrate your CMS 

All Profiles are welcome! You can create content that is tailored for Known Profiles that have provided you with contact and personal data, as well as for Unknown Profiles, that have accepted your cookie policy, and are rich on Event data that reflects their engagement with your brand.

Create Segments that reflect Profile's browsing behaviour in correspondence with the content in your website, and vice-versa. A common Segment could be based in a number of page views for a specific product category so that your special campaigns can stand out to those who browse your website for that product category very often.


  Why work with CMS Integrations and APSIS One?

Here's a few reasons...

Use the power of Audience Segments to personalise your website based on customers' behaviour

APSIS One allows visitors data into insights that you can use for Segmentation purposes. You can utilise this strength to your benefit even further and personalise directly in your content management system.

Target your website visitors with precision

Use the data in your customer profiles to display content that’s relevant to the individual visitor. Create a targeted and personalised experience with Segments built-in APSIS One and using our Email and Marketing Automation Tools trigger automated campaign flows.

Enrich your insights about customers with behavioural data

The website is a key component for any marketing team. Providing the website team with data from APSIS One, will enrich the understanding of each visitor and increase the company’s ROI.

Be efficient

Optimise your work and avoid duplication. By integrating your CMS system with APSIS One, you can use the power of profile data and segmentation on your website, where content already exists, without having to recreate, copy or move it to another system.




Episerver is a website creation tool that allows non-technical users to create, edit, organise and publish content to their website without the need of a developer. With EpiServer, different departments in a company can easily write and publish content on a website without the help of an IT department.


 Why integrate your APSIS One account with EpiServer?

With the APSIS One EpiServer Integration, you can bring your website content personalisation to the next level. When APSIS One Audience and Website Tool join forces with your EpiServer account, you are able to collect data from every time a visitor touches point and interacts with your brand, combine it with demographic data, define segments, and automate your communication.

This integration makes for great flexibility, turning any data into a personalised experience.

  • Personalise every type of web site content
  • Change your headline and hero banner depending on demographic data about the visitor
  • Or remove the top banner for those who converted in your last email campaign
  • Combine segments in Episerver with the APSIS One segments to further narrow down your personalisation




Sitecore is a highly scalable and flexible content management system that allows users to structure their websites, create and publish content without the need for a development team. 


Why integrate your APSIS One account with Sitecore?

The success of your marketing activities depends on how well you segment your Audience to deliver engaging and relevant communication. Although Sitecore offers demographic and behavioural insights about your customers, chances are you are still lacking more in-depth data to push your personalisation to the next level.

When you integrate your Sitecore account with APSIS One, you have the full power of Audience and Profile data in your hands. This allows for a better understanding of who your customers are and how they should experience your brand. Plus, access to numerous easy to use communication tools to help you create, segment and automate your marketing campaigns. 

Do you want to drive engagement by adapting your customer journey to fit your local needs? Connect your Sitecore account with APSIS One to segment and personalise your content and increase your online conversions! 

  1. Sync and unify data from your APSIS One Profiles and Sitecore Contact. 
  2. Combine both your APSIS One and Sitecore data to decide what banners, images and headlines appeal most to your website visitors. 
  3. Use segments from APSIS One as a condition for personalising your content based on Attributes and on the way your customers engage across your touchpoints. 
  4. Display registration forms based on each profile’s consent.



All your systems together

  Use the power of Audience Segments to personalise your website based on customers' behaviour

APSIS One allows visitors data into insights that you can use for Segmentation purposes.

Not only is there a value in using APSIS One to integrate data from all your systems in APSIS One, but there is also the value of using several Integrated systems together.

You are in the right direction if you have a content strategy that produces useful content about your business that appeals to a great number of customers, from various demographics, interests, and shopping behaviour. However, today customers seek for content that is personalised to their needs and what they are more likely to be looking for.

One simple way of achieving this is by customising the Hero Banner on your website homepage. Let’s say you want everyone that shops at your stores in Stockholm to receive information about your Events in the city. And those who shop in Malmö, to receive a different type of content.

To solve these challenges you can choose to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 attribute City in your contact cards and your CMS group feature, which segments based on a number of predefined criteria and Events that happen in the browser and the CMS is capable of pickup.

However, even though you have the two systems, you will still be lacking web-data and that is when APSIS One Integrations are so important.

In this case, our Integrations would give users the ability to add APSIS One Segments as criteria allowing you to not only filter the Profiles that live in Stockholm or those that live and Malmö (Attributes) but also, fine-tune your campaigns based of all the behavioural data available on your APSIS One Audience.


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