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Best Practices

In this section, you will learn tips and tricks, use cases, and best practices to drive personalisation and increase your conversion rates when using APSIS One together with one of our native integrations.

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For information on how to set up integrations, check out our implementation process our CRM, CMS, and Ecommerce Integrations. 

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About APSIS One Integrations

APSIS One is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to collect all siloed data about your customers in one place, and act on this data using multiple tools and channels.

All of this, with the power of segmentation and consent management in your hands. Integrating your Ecommerce platform with APSIS One is a good alternative for APSIS One users who have multiple Ecommerce platforms, as well as for those without an Ecom add-on but wish to feed their Ecommerce data into APSIS One Profiles in Audience.

Why integrate APSIS One with your other platforms? Many marketers struggle to understand their customers and their needs. Why? Because most customer data exists in systems that can't communicate with each other.

If your CRM or Ecommerce platform identifies when someone becomes a customer but your marketing platform still believes this person is a prospect, your Marketing team may have a problem creating content that fits this person. That's why data silos are the root cause for irrelevant messaging, inconsistent customer journeys and marketing headaches.

APSIS One Integrations solve these issues by giving you a unified view across your systems. So you can spend less time worrying about keeping your data up to date, and more time building a better brand experience.


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