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 Soon available in APSIS One

Here are some of the updates we're currently working on! Keep an eye on the Notifications for all the latest updates.


  • User Roles #77783

Currently, in Apsis One all users are considered Admins for their account(s). This means that every team member has access to all data and Tools available in their business Account(s).

With the launch of "User Roles", account owners will be able to restrict what data and what Tools each user on their account will have access to.

Three main roles will exist:

  1. Account Owner - This user will have access to all Tools and data on the account and can assign Admin role to other users.
  2. Admin - Admin users will not be able to assign Admin roles, but will be able to invite users and assign Tool and data permissions. They will automatically have access to use and manage all Tools.
  3. User (also called Restricted user) - Will have only 'User' role and get individual tool permission for each tool they are allowed to use. Restricted users will not have access to Account Settings (except updating their own profile). 


  • Adding Attributes and Events for personalisation in your URLs #115332

Soon you will be able to add discriminators as part of your URLs and on send out this discriminator will be replaced with an Attribute value from a Profile.

  • Custom Attribute: usercreated.attributes.urltofavourite-ghgn2au4g3
  • The new discriminator: ##com.apsis1.something.urltofavourite##

While the “Add Attributes to your URL” in Advanced link Settings just adds an Attribute after the actual link, such as myshop.com?first_name=Elsa, when using this new feature you will be adding a discriminator as the link - ##com.myshop.something.urltofavourite##.

With this feature, you can add complete URLs as discriminators, as long as the value of the Attribute is a URL. However, you can add any Attribute as a discriminator in an existing URL. For example, https://heartland.com/##com.apsis1.attributes.country## in the case that your website can resolve the URL with the Attribute value for a personalised experience!

You will still be able to add the Advanced Link Settings to these URL. In this case, they will end up like this www.myshop.com/pant/jeans/blue?first_name=profilesfirstname

The feature also works with Events, but only when using the Marketing Automation Tool. 


  • APSIS One Forms & Pages Tool #64801

Forms are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. You can utilise forms for different purposes such as for subscription, contact, registration for events, and downloading resources. The upcoming APSIS One Forms Tool will allow you to create and customise forms to promote your brand, either from scratch or by using one of our predefined templates. Combine it with special offers to attract new subscribers and drive engagement. 


  • Multiple conditions for Cookie Banners #85492

Do you have multiple websites with different cookie banners? Then, chances are you are using our Run Tracking Script Independently feature. After this update, you will be able to match values to any cookie types that are relevant for your business. 


  • APSIS One Cookie Banner, priority over Run Tracking Script Independently #93844

Having multiple websites does not necessarily mean they all look the same. If you already have a cookie banner implemented on your website, you might want to keep it instead of creating one with APSIS One. For this purpose, we have the Run Tracking Script Independently feature. However, sometimes you may want to use your own cookie banner for one website and the APSIS One cookie banner for another. So, the Run Tracking Script Independently is been updated to offer you more flexibility when selecting what type of cookie banner you want to use for each website. 


  • Enable and Pause APSIS One Custom Events #68283

The APSIS One Tracking Script collects and stores website interactions inside Profiles, known as Events. With custom Events, you can collect relevant, personalised data that is useful for your business. Soon, when configuring your Tracking Script, you will be able to choose to track custom Events from any place via our API or pause the tracking of custom Events altogether.


  • Auto-Collect: LinkedIn #50307

Leverage your communications! Tracking and targeting your visitors coming from LinkedIn with special campaigns will be easy with LinkedIn tracking in the Website tool's Auto-Collect.


  • Cross-domain Cookie Banner policy #93842

Do you have different websites with the same purpose and marketing strategy? Do you wish your visitors could accept your cookie banner only once when accessing one of them for the first time? And then be able to immediately start tracking data on the other websites without the need to ask for consent again? This will soon be possible for accounts that use Person Detection


  • Auto-Collect moving to Section Settings #98368

Soon you will be able to define the best way to collect your visitor’s Events together with your Section’s preferences. All in one place for better user experience. 


  • Custom fonts in Website tool #80121

Have you been waiting to use Google fonts when creating your Sign-up bar? Well, you will not have to wait for long! Soon you will be able to create Cookie banners and Sign-up bars with Google Fonts and stay aligned with your brand identity.


  • Double Opt-in for SMS #96707

We've already introduced you to the Double Opt-in for Emails. It will not take long until you are able to use Double Opt-in for your SMS activities. Easily gather all browsing behaviour and personal information in one single Profile, avoiding data and communication redundancies.



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