New: Double Opt-in in Section Settings!

  What's new?

Improve the quality of your Audience with Double Opt-in!

Managing Consent and merging Profiles in APSIS One just got a new ally: Double Opt-in is now available for your account's Sections.

Double Opt-in is a type of opt-in where, after filling out the registration form, the Profile receives a confirmation email to complete their registration. Until they confirm their subscription in the confirmation page they will not be included in any sendings.

Once they confirm their subscription, Profiles with Pending Opt-in Email gain a new type consent: Confirmed Opt-in. Then you have their explicit consent to receive your communications!

Depending on an individual's relationship with your brand, they may provide their consent to your communications through different sources. This, of course, means that when a Profile has a Confirmed Opt-in type of consent, you can be certain that they are indeed engaged with your sendings and they can be trusted to own the email address they provided. Read more about consent...



Of course, your Double Opt-in setup wouldn't be complete without custom solutions so that Profiles can have the most consistent experience of your brand.

The Email Editor is one of the APSIS One features that we are most proud of, and with the same smooth experience you've had with the Email tool, you can customise your confirmation email and confirmation page's design.




Why Double Opt-in?

You can elevate the power of your Audience in APSIS One by sending meaningful communication to your visitors to ensure they are constantly interacting with your brand. A well-thought digital marketing plan can help you improve the deliverability of your emails, Profiles' engagement with your brand, and promote Profile merge for more complete, rich Profile data.





  Does this sound good?

Here's some more benefits:

Increase Engagement

Keep your Audience numbers relevant. If your potential customers aren't engaged enough to confirm their subscription, there's a chance that they won't interact with your content in the future anyway. That's why Double Opt-in promotes more engaged Consent Lists over time, which translates into higher open rates and more clicks on your campaigns since you only send to those who have confirmed their subscription.

Start your conversation right away! When creating your Double Opt-in Email in APSIS One, use the opportunity to share information about your brand, and even provide your new subscribers with a special offer.

Improve Deliverability and Consent List Hygiene

Reach out to those who really care about your brand. Double Opt-in helps you ensure that all addresses in your Profiles are valid. After all, they interacted with your message and reinforced their interest. This can prevent Profiles from ignoring your communications or, in the worst case, report your emails as spam.

Keep your Consent lists and Topics clean! Unfortunately, spammers enter random email addresses in subscription forms on websites. With Double Opt-in enabled, you can protect your website by adding an extra security layer—illegitimate email addresses will never receive a confirmation email, or any Email tool activities. Read more about Consent list hygiene here...

Promote Profile Merge

Known and Unknown Profiles merge when a consent-related activity logs an event and the APSIS One Tracking Script is able to recognise the Cookie ID as belonging to an Unknown Profile. Merging happens continuously, as individuals commonly browse from different devices, open their emails from their mobile phones, clear their browsing history and cookies, etc.

Depending on how your visitors interact with your channels, you may find that a single visitor has more than one Profile in your account. This is a common challenge since visitors tend to navigate online using multiple devices and browsers on a daily basis.

With Double Opt-in APSIS One is able to identify Profiles and merge their data automatically without relying only on your periodical communications. Read more about Profile Merge...

With Double Opt-in you can...

Easily gather all browsing behaviour and personal information in one single Profile, avoiding data and communication redundancies. Richer Profiles contain comprehensive information about individuals across multiple channels.

Reduce the total number of Unknown Profiles in your Audience, aiming for more accuracy and less clutter.



Get the update!

To enable Double Opt-in for your Account, head to your Section Preferences and enter the Double Opt-in tab.



Are you ready to start using Double Opt-in? Head over to the Website tool, edit your Sign-up bar activity and enable Double Opt-in in the Messaging step. That's it!



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