New: Account Settings Redesign!

  What's new?

Introducing a more intuitive and structured layout in Account Settings.

Sections play a crucial role for creating structure and managing users in your APSIS One account. For instance, Sections can be used to divide an account based on specific languages, websites, different brands, locations and more.

We're currently transforming the user experience for using Sections to create a more holistic approach. As a first step in that direction, we're introducing a new design in Account Settings.

The new layout for Account settings creates a better overview and makes it easier to see which settings relate to your account, and which settings relate to a specific Section.

Read more about Account Settings in the Knowledge Base!




Account Settings: A walkthrough...

Locate Account Settings by clicking your user icon and opening the Information Centre.



When you go to Account Settings, you'll see your Sections displayed as cards.



Inside a Section you're able to view and edit the settings for that specific Section. With the new layout, you have a dedicated settings or preferences page for each one.



Head back to your Account Settings to make changes related to your whole APSIS One account.




Story time: Account Settings and Sections

Think of your Account as one Big Box that contains all information you have in APSIS One...

Then think of each data Section as small boxes within your Big Box. If you decide to change something about the Big Box, then your smaller boxes will automatically change as well. But you're also able to open one of the smaller boxes, apply your changes and let everything else remain the same.

Here's the new, improved experience for your account: the box for all boxes.



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