New: Edit Consent in Active Flows!

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Adjust Consent in the Marketing Automation's Flow Settings

Marketing Automation's Flow Canvas in APSIS One is designed to make it easy to reach your customers with targeted, personalised content. To make sure that all customers that enter your flow have given you their consent, every flow is attached to a specific Consent list and Topics. Up until now, the settings for Email and SMS Consent had to be made before the flow was activated.

However, this month we’ve rolled out a new feature that allows you to change settings for consent in Marketing Automation flows. This feature allow you to be more agile and adapt your strategy without creating new Marketing Automation flows.

If your flow has been activated, or even just built, you can now adjust the Consent lists and Topics for both your Email and SMS nodes in Flow Settings in the Bottom Bar. This means that adjusting your flow after it's built is as easy a few simple clicks. No need to build an entirely new flow! Read more about Flow Settings here... 




Make the most out of your Marketing Automation flows

Broaden the possibilities of your digital marketing efforts with Marketing Automation.

As you bring both Known and Unknown Profiles into your Marketing Automation flow, you can choose a specific Consent list and Topics for your Email and SMS nodes and an alternative path for those without consent for communications via these channels.

Not only can you choose a different Consent list and Topics for your Email nodes than for your SMS nodes, you can also plan ahead and make sure that all Profiles that enter your flow have a solid experience with your brand.

For example, you can use the Webhook node to maximise your capabilities for those Profiles without Channel Consent, with the help of your website and even your own databases. Read more about the nodes here



Strategise your marketing to target Profiles in other channels to expand your possibilities.

Adding a Notification node so your commercial team will be notified when a Profile in your flow reaches a critical stage of your Marketing Automation Flow enables your team to reach those leads fast. Head over here to read more about the Notification Node...



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