User Management

Reach these settings by clicking the Users tab on the left inside your Account Settings.



By default, all accounts in APSIS One begin with a maximum of 3 users. These can have different tool and section permissions. This will allow Admin users to keep better control of the people who use the platform, and ultimately of what kind of data the users have access to.

Here in Account Users admin users can add users, edit permissions and delete users.



Here's some basic information about user management.

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Adding a User

How to Add a New User

1. In the Users tab of your Account Settings, you'll find a list of all the users of the account.

To add one, click Add User.



2. Enter the email address for the new user, and adjust their permissions.



3. Click Send invite.



4. Your user will receive an email message with an invitation. All they must do is set a password and proceed to enjoy working with APSIS One. Refer them to our Logging in section for detailed instructions on how to log in.


Editing User Details & Permissions

How to Edit User Details & Permissions

1. Select a user, and the Bottom bar will rise from the bottom.



2. Next, click Edit on the Bottom bar.



3. Edit the name, email address and phone number of the user, as well as individual permissions by ticking the corresponding boxes.

Make sure that you grant permissions to your APSIS One users in accordance to which Tools they are meant to work with.


4. Done? click Done.



Removing a User

How to Remove a User

1. Select a user, and the Bottom bar will rise from the bottom.



2. Click on Remove User.



3. Are you sure you want to remove this user? If yes, click Delete. Otherwise, Cancel.




Guest Users

At the bottom you will see Guest users.

Guest users are users that APSIS has created in your account in order to provide you with personalised support, custom templates, and just about anything you have requested from our services. Read more about APSIS' service offering...

There might be more than one Support professional or Professional Services consultant with access to your account, but they will be operating only through one user.

Guest users are only in your account temporarily. The user will remain in your account for a period of time, and will eventually leave your account once all your requests have been delivered and/or any existing issues have been solved.



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