About Account Settings

  Welcome, Admin User!

This section is meant to provide you in-depth knowledge about your Account Settings. As an Admin user, you will be responsible for managing the way data is structured and gathered in your APSIS One account.

The following section requires a certain familiarity with Audience. This knowledge will allow you to make sure that these settings are aligned with your privacy policy, your brand, as well as your marketing goals and efforts.

We suggest you visit our Audience section if there's anything you're still not familiar with.

If you're not an Admin User, please head over to Profile Settings to learn more about the settings available to you.



Access Account Settings

1. Open the Information Centre on the right by clicking on your user icon.



2. Click Account Settings.



3. If you're an Admin user, you'll see the following tabs: Sections, Profile Settings, Users, Migrations, and API Management. Regular users can only see their Profile Settings.

Read more about each tab by jumping to the corresponding articles.



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