API Management

API Management

Access the API Management tab by opening the Information Centre, going into Account Settings and then clicking on API Management on the left.



About APSIS One's APIs

APSIS One’s APIs are here to allow you to create customised applications or integrations for APSIS One.

They will make it possible to sync data to and from APSIS One as your CDP with your own systems and databases. Allowing you to create and publish campaigns, manage your Audience as well as interact with many of the available APSIS One tools and features.

APSIS One’s APIs use standard HTTP methods, a RESTful resource architecture, OAuth 2.0 protocol and payloads formatted in JSON.

Read more about APSIS One's APIs in the APSIS One Developer hub. If you encounter any obstacles working with the APSIS One APIs, feel free to contact Support.

We have a dedicated section in the Knowledge Base for all the content related to APSIS One APIs! Take a look.



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