About APSIS One Ecom

About APSIS One's Ecom Add-on

APSIS One's Ecom is all about the customer behind the Profile.

With Ecom, APSIS One users get Marketing Automation Ecom flows, the Product Recommendations tool, and 6 real-time Ecommerce Events and 4 Ecommerce Attributes fed into Profiles in their Audience. These Events and Attributes are available all across APSIS One for accounts with an Ecom add-on.

These are the Ecommerce Attributes and Events included in the Ecom add-on:


    • Last purchase date
    • Accumulated revenue (Coming soon...)
    • Last purchase value
    • Total of purchases (Coming soon...) 



  • Cart abandoned
  • Product viewed
  • Browse abandonment
  • Product purchased
  • Product carted
  • Cart purchased


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