SMS Reports

There's the Insights pillar for information on every activity performed across the platform and how it has affected Audience growth; the SMS Dashboard gives you perspective on how all of your SMS campaigns have worked together; but SMS Reports are only about the one message! Compare all of your campaigns and implement in your future campaigns what you feel has worked well in the past, or why not get creative and try something different? Here's the information, you decide how to make the most out of it.




About Reports

APSIS One provides you with reports for each activity you perform in the platform. In SMS reports you will find the essential information about how your SMS campaign was set up and how it performed. With this valuable information, it will be possible for you to analyse your marketing efforts and how effective your campaign has been.



View Sent SMS Report

1. Make sure you're in the Sent tab of the SMS tool.



2. Locate the sent SMS you wish to see the report of. Consider that reports are available directly after the SMS has been sent, but actual figures take time to come in.



3. Click on the SMS. The Bottom bar will show up on the bottom of the page.



4. Click Report on the Bottom bar.



5. There's the SMS report! These are only available for sent SMS. Reports are updated automatically, so refresh the page to see the most recent statistics.




Here's the basic details of your SMS.


SMS Name

This is the name that was chosen for the SMS campaign, and is only displayed and used internally.



Sender Name

This is the name shown on the recipient's mobile phones when they receive your SMS.



Sending To

Here's the Consent list you sent the SMS to.



Send Time

The exact date and time your SMS was set up to be sent.



 About Hard Bounces

It may happen in your sendings that there is one or more mobile numbers that cause or have caused a hard bounce. For more information about bounces, head over here and see "bounce".

Whenever a hard bounce happens, there will be no future attempt to message the recipient(s). If the hard bounce happened in a previous sending, it will not be sent in the present sending. If the bounce happens in the present sending, there will not be another attempt in future sendings. Consequently, hard bounces will affect the total count of your SMS messages.




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