New: Manual Data Tracking & SPA!

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Manual Data Tracking and Single Page Applications to boost your website!

Gain deep insights with Website Interactions.

The APSIS One Tracking Script allows you to track Website Interactions such as viewed pages, products browsed and more with Website tool activities. By collecting these Events for each Profile, you can personalise content for those who visited a certain page, signed for your emails, etc.

However, now we've introduced an option for advanced APSIS One users who want to dig deeper into Profiles' Website Interactions...

To customise and track other types of conversions in APSIS One, you can implement a code snippet on your website using a Tag Management System (TMS), such as Google Tag Manager. Let's give a warm welcome to Manual Data Tracking!




Track basic conversions for enriched Profile data

Simple clicks on a website often contain valuable information about your visitors. It can be anything from adding an item to a wish list, clicking on a special link or playing an embedded video. All these conversions are now available for you.

With Manual Data Tracking, these are the 5 all-new Events to expand your data tracking capabilities:

  • Conversion - Basic
  • Order - Product
  • Order - Created
  • Cart - Product
  • Cart - Created

By adding a JavaScript code snippet in your website, you can listen for certain clicks that will be added as an Event on your Profiles in APSIS One as they browse and interact with your website. Read more about Profile data...

Let's take a look at the new Conversion Event:

var ely = ely || [];
ely.push(['Trigger.ConversionBasic', {
EventCategory: <string> ,
EventAction: <string>,
EventLabel: <string>,
EventValue: <integer>


How does the Conversion Event bring value to your website?

The APSIS One Tracking Script automatically collects data such as Page Views and interactions with your Sign-up bar. Google Tag Manager, on the other hand, allows you to decide what conversions it should send to APSIS One. In this scenario, the Conversion Event happens when a visitor clicks the play button in your video! 

To sum up: Manual Data Tracking adds a layer of rich behavioural data to better understand your visitors, allowing you to become even more personal. Why not set up a Marketing Automation flow for visitors who clicked and watched your videos? Jump to Create a Marketing Automation flow...

Read more about all available Events under Manual Data Tracking in this article. As this is a feature for advanced APSIS One users, adding the JavaScript snippet to your website requires development skills or access to development resources.

The example below illustrates the relationship between APSIS One, Google Tag Manager and your website.




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The APSIS One Tracking Script now supports Single Page Applications

Track page views and all other Website Interactions in your website, even if it's built as a Single Page Application (SPA)! Regardless of there being a URL change, you can now use JavaScript code to make sure that the Tracking Script can pick up the bevaviour of your website's visitors

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