New: Wait for Event node in Marketing Automation

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Plan better and act faster with automated flows based on real-time behaviour.

Time is a dominant factor when you build customer journeys using Marketing Automation. If you rush to the next step, your customers might not be able to digest your information. If the journey's too slow, customers might lose interest or even forget who you are.

The nodes in APSIS One's Marketing Automation tool allow you to decide the next step in your flows beforehand, by setting timers and adding countdowns or check for Profile Events at specific times.

However, with the new node Wait for Event you're able to act on real-time Profile behaviour!

In essence, Wait for Event allows you to trigger the next step in your flow based on whether or not a Profile performs a certain action.

Read more about setting up the Wait for Event node in this article.




When to use Wait for Event?

You can use Wait for Event in your flow for any type of Event logged into Profiles.

Are you familiar with the concept of Profile Events? Here's where you can learn more about all the Event data in APSIS One.

For example, you might want to notify your Sales organisation exactly when a Profile clicked your email. Or perhaps you might want to send a service-minded email message to Profiles that visited the FAQ page on your website 5 times within 24 hours.

Here are some of the main benefits of using the Wait for Event node:

  • Act instantly on behaviour instead of setting a fixed timer or countdown.
  • Create perfect timing without numerous Timer nodes.
  • When the time's up, guide the Profiles who didn't act and increase their engagement.



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