Release Notes - March

What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

 New Features


Marketing Automation tool

  • March 3rd: It is now possible to restore deleted Marketing Automation activities. Read more...
  • March 4th: We just created a new Goals feature for Marketing Automation flows where you can enter a description to stay in sync with all other APSIS One users.
  • March 4th: The Content tab now displays all SMS activities associated with your SMS nodes.
  • March 6th: Activities now includes an Activity History of all changes made for a clearer overview of your Marketing Automation Flow.
  • March 12th: Listen nodes listening for Date Attributes now support Milestone Birthdays.
  • March 13th: We've added a Wait for Event Node, take a look!
  • March 13th: The Listen node now supports the Conversion Event tracked via Manual Data Tracking.
  • March 17th: We now support True/False Attributes in all Marketing Automation nodes.
  • March 17th: See the Overview of your flow without having to pause it.
  • March 19th: The Flow Settings now allow for hours and minutes in the entry limit for your Marketing Automation flow.
  • March 20th: We have a new pre-defined flow template: Specific Date.

Email Tool

  • March 5th: Custom Attributes are now available as Data tags in Subject lines and Pre-headers, both in the Email Editor's Bottom bar and the Details step.

Website Tool

  • March 18th: The Tracking Script now supports websites built as a Single Page Application (SPA). Read more about it here.
  • March 18th: Complex domain suffixes are now supported for domains added into your Section.
  • March 24th: Profiles that sign up via your Sign-up bar now obtain the new Consent Event!





  • We have, overall, fixed a few errors in spelling, text content and design across the platform.


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