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Email Editor: New and Improved

The Email tool's Email Editor is where creative magic happens. Since this is one of the most crucial features of the platform, we're constantly exploring new ways to improve the experience and spark creative joy during the design process.

Now we've released four major improvements in one go. We're currently updating the Knowledge Base's Email Editor section, and all-new images and content will be available here very soon. Have in mind that the functionality is the same, but now with an improved design.

Curious to see the result? Here's what we did.




Bringing you closer to your content

We changed the top of the page by moving the activity's working name and auto save status to the Structure Panel.

By doing so, we've eliminated plenty of white space above the canvas to allow you to see your design in clear detail. Also, the line under the autosave status is now colour-coded according to the tool you're currently working with.




More room to be creative

We pushed the Structure Panel and Design Panel all the way to the edges of the screen. The result? A fresh and airy look-and-feel that gives plenty of space for your imagination to roam free.




Consistency across tools

Above we mentioned how the Structure Panel has a line under the autosave status, which is colour-coded according to the tool you're working with. Going forward, all tools that have a content editor will look and behave the same. Once you've learnt one, you've learnt them all.

One of the tools that currently has a similar editor is the Website tool, when creating a Product Views activity. However, in the near future we will update all editors in APSIS One to match this airy, comfortable design.




Better readability and accessibility

Lastly, we've improved the accessibility by increasing the size of the icons as well as the font size. This allows for a better user experience in all devices, regardless of screen size and resolution.

Here's a tip: Zoom in and out in your browser's View options to tailor the proportions of the Email Editor. For example, in Chrome for Mac you achieve this by pressing ⌘+ to zoom in or ⌘- to zoom out.



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