Sender Name Registration

Sender Name Registration

When creating and sending SMS tool activities with APSIS One, you are required to enter a sender name. This field is required in order for your recipients to know the message is coming from you, a legitimate source, after they provided consent.

However, not all countries and operators support custom sender names, and some require additional registration.

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Supported Countries

Here's a list of the countries that accept custom sender names for SMS messages, and don't require additional registration:

Albania Latvia
Austria Liechtenstein
Bosnia and Herzegovina Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxembourg
Croatia Macedonia
Denmark Malta
Estonia Netherlands
Finland Norway
Germany Poland
Greece Portugal
Guernsey Slovakia
Ireland Spain
Isle of Man Sweden
Italy Switzerland



Registration Required

Here's a list of countries that require sender registration. We can help you register your sender name.

Please note that, if you send an SMS message to a recipient in one of these countries without proper sender registration, the SMS message will remain pending for up to 48 hours before it expires.

All recipients who have a phone number in a country where sender name is supported will receive the SMS. Those in a country that requires registration will not receive the SMS message without proper sender name registration. Your SMS activity will be sent, and those Profiles with an unsupported country will show as bounced in your SMS Report.

Bangladesh Philippines
Belarus Romania
Cambodia Russian Federation
China Serbia
Czech Republic  Singapore
Hong Kong Slovenia
India South Ossetia
Indonesia South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Laos Sri Lanka
Montenegro Thailand 
Myanmar Ukraine
Nepal United Kingdom



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