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Request your own templates and get email design inspiration.

All email designers know that a great template is the foundation of successful email marketing. With APSIS One, you have the ability to challenge yourself and create your templates from scratch.

But if building templates is not your thing, why not ask a veteran email designer to help you out? Our very own Creative Services is an experienced team of professionals with market-leading expertise in creating templates optimised for different browsers, email clients and devices. Now, we're making it easier for you to tap into their creative minds…

On the Templates step of Creating an Email or Template you'll see two options; Inspiration and Request a template…




Learn from the best

Get inspired takes you to the APSIS Gallery where we have the latest email design news, free content, as well as a list of selected email templates from our customers.




Request a custom made Email Template

You'll also have the option to Request a template from Creative Services. Just write a short description and submit your request, then we'll make the magic happen for you!




  What's next?

It's not all black or white...

Rumour has it, gradients are coming soon to the Email Editor! Stay tuned...



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