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About CMS Integrations

CMS Integrations for Sitecore and Episerver are now available for APSIS One, so it's time to learn more about how your Audience data can come in handy when creating content for your website.

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Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Ecommerce, Advertising, Analytics & Business Intelligence Integrations for APSIS One.

 How do CMS Integrations work?

By integrating APSIS One with your CMS, you can use the Segments you create in your Audience in order to tailor the content that is shown to visitors who browse your website. This makes for a seamless, personalised experience that improves the way you communicate and target your APSIS One Profiles, and ultimately nurture their relationship with your brand.

 A step towards excellent personalised experiences...

All Profiles are welcome! You can create content that is tailored for Known Profiles that have provided you with Attribute data, as well as for Unknown Profiles that are rich on Event data that reflects their engagement with your brand. The Segments that you create for your CMS are tightly linked to your marketing strategy and the demographics you wish to target, yet it's even better if you use the same Segments that you've created for your Email tool activities as a way to communicate with your Profiles more efficiently.

Create Segments that reflect Profile's browsing behaviour in correspondence with the content in your website, and vice-versa. A common Segment could be based in a number of page views for a specific product category, so that your special campaigns can stand out to those who browse your website for that product category very often.


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