New: Image Library for the Email Editor

  What's new?

Millions of free visuals now available in the Email Editor!

We're breaking new ground as we launch a feature that gives you free and unlimited access to more than 10 million visuals in the Email Editor.

The Image Library solves two external email marketing problems in one go. First, it allows you to find great images without ever leaving the email editor. And second, you don't have to worry about copyright and licensing since all images are free for commercial use.




Where's the Image Library?

To use the free Image Library, open the Email editor and drag an Image Element into the canvas. Click Browse, choose Free Visuals and start looking for images!



It doesn't end with the free visuals feature, there's also a feature called TextMatch. This feature allows you to select any Text Element on the canvas and watch as the Image Library's AI suggests relevant images that you can cherry pick.




See it in action!

Take a look at the video below:


This feature is the result of a collaboration with our great friends at Jumpstory.

Want to know more about Jumpstory? Check out their website here.


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