New: HTML Element!

  Now live in the Email tool.

Be more flexible and creative with the all-new HTML Element.

The Email Editor in APSIS One's Email tool is designed to fit your marketing needs and intuition. If you want to move an image, just drop it where you want it to be. Do you want to resize a spacer? Drag the module and watch everything fall into the right place.

We love when things are easy and intuitive. But advanced designs require a bit more advanced solutions. This is why we're introducing an HTML Element in the Email Editor.




Drag, drop it and code it!

Adding the HTML element is as easy as adding any other element. Simply drag and drop the element where you want to place it. Here's how it looks:



Do you know how to code?

As easy as it is to add an HTML element, you'll still need HTML skills to get the code right. If you know how to create emails with HTML, check out this step-by-step guide. If not, we recommend getting in touch with the right team at your company or reach out to our Creative Services team!


Ready to get started? Learn the best tips and tricks for HTML in this article!



  What's next?

Custom stylesheets for all!

Adding HTML code into your email opens up a world of opportunities. For our first release, we're sharing with you the Email Editor's stylesheets for you to get up to speed with your HTML code ambitions.

However, we're working on allowing you to use your own stylesheet with custom styling for your own elements. Have something particular in mind? Drop us a line.



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