Before an Import

Before an Import

The File Import Wizard makes it easy for you to upload files from your existing solutions and create Profiles in your APSIS One Audience. Before you perform an import, it is important that you have all the supporting information to make sure that the data in your file will be successfully imported.

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Supported Formats

The File Import Wizard supports CSV files up to 10MB and XLS/XLSX files up to 3MB.

For CSV files, we support these delimiters: , \t | ;

When saving your Microsoft Excel file, or exporting data from another system, pay close attention that the file is encoded as one of the following supported formats:
































  File Import Checklist

To ensure a successful File Import, we recommend that you review the file before importing. Here are some aspects to consider:

Make sure that your file contains only one sheet, or that the data that you need is in the first sheet of your file.

Use only simple text data. Remove any images, charts or decorative formatting (fonts, colours, etc.).

The File Import Wizard does not support formulas. Remove any existing formulas or adjust the data in the cells to contain the result values.

Review the format of the cells and make sure that there are no combined or split cells. It must look like a table, whenever formatted as columns.

The date format for birth dates currently supported is ISO-8601 (YYYY-MM-DD) and you must pay attention that the cells containing the dates are set to have "text" as type.

Make sure the phone numbers contain the country code and phone number in the same column, with no spaces or zeros at the start. The country code is mandatory. Follow the MSISDN format, for example: 46793699558.

After a successful import, the File Import Wizard requires at least (10) minutes before the Profiles can be used or accessed by any APSIS One activities.

Plan your file import in advance
if you intend to send an email newsletter. Profiles take time to be created in your Audience and they may not be available right after an import. 



About Attributes

When creating or updating Profiles with the File Import Wizard, you will map the columns in your file with Attributes in APSIS One Profiles.

Here's some useful information about Attributes to get you started. For more in-depth information, take a look at Advanced: Profile Data.

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What are Attributes?

What are Attributes?

Attributes are the containers of essential Profile information belonging to an individual that has interacted with your brand, like a name, location, phone number, Email address, customer status, etc. Once attributes have been added to a Profile, they can be used for segmentation and personalisation purposes (e.g. a segment containing Profiles of only those who live in Australia; an SMS including the value of an attribute: "Hi ##firstname##" = "Hi Anita!").

As to their properties, attributes have a name, type and a value.

The name of the attribute determines (or should determine, in the case of custom attributes) which type of data will be collected (firstname, birth date, mobile).

The value of the attribute is the actual data associated with the Profile, tracked as an attribute (Maria, 0793477765, etc.).

Finally, the type of the attribute determines the shape or form of the data (text, date, number).

These are the five types of attributes you can choose to track with APSIS One:

Text: UTF-8 encoded text (string) value with a 1000-character limit. For example: Female, Non-binary, Male.

True/False: A boolean Attribute. For example, downloaded the app = true. The supported values are: true or false (lower case).

Number: A field for numbers, like an age or a phone number.

Number w/decimals: Same as the number field, yet this one has the ability to track numbers with decimals. Like a person's height.

Date: A date of birth, for example. The date format currently supported is ISO-8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).

About Default Attributes

About Default Attributes

You may create Custom Attributes according to the information above. The Attributes that APSIS One tracks by default are the following:

  • First name: The first name or names of the person associated with the Profile.
  • Last name: The last name or names of the person associated with the Profile.
  • Email: The email address the person associated with the Profile provided with their explicit consent.
  • Mobile: The phone number the person associated with the Profile provided with their explicit consent. Phone numbers must contain no spaces or zeros at the start. The country code is mandatory. Follow the MSISDN format, for example: 46793699558.
  • Birth date: The date of birth of the person associated with the Profile. The date format for birth dates currently supported is ISO-8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • CRM-ID: The customer ID associated with the Profile. It is exclusively created an managed internally.


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