New: Improvements in Product Views!

  Now live in the Website tool.

Improved UI and UX for Product Views Now live in the website tool.

Product Views is a cornerstone for collecting behavioural data in APSIS One. It allows you to capture and act on data based on where and how your visitors interact on your website. This feature is already becoming a personal favourite to many users, so we decided to give it some extra tender loving care. Here are the highlights of our latest updates and improvements in Product Views:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Advanced Options
  • Consistent User Interface

Continue reading this article for more details on all of the improvements.



Improved User Experience

Map your Hotspots on the sticky sidebar.

The element picker has been moved from the bottom of the page and is now placed neatly on your right. The result? A better overlook and UX, and a look-and-feel that’s more aligned with the other tools in APSIS One.




Advanced Options

Not only did we move the element picker to the right, we also added new options and features to further enhance your data collection capabilities. So what do we mean by advanced options?



This advanced option is the CSS Selector, that allows you to point to a specific part of an element cluster on your website. So if you have different classes for different categories, you’re now able to point to the place where Product View should locate the product categories of your page. Pretty advanced, right? Read more...




Consistent User Interface

A look-and-feel that’s aligned with the rest of your tools The third and final improvement in Product Views is all about the user interface. With the new look-and-feel, you’ll travel seamlessly between Product Views and the rest of your tools in APSIS One!




  What's next?

The HTML Element is coming soon! And we've already started preparing our APSIS One users with more knowledge. Keep an eye on the notifications for a more detailed article about this feature in the coming weeks. Head over to the Design Panel to read more about the HTML Element...



Also, we're working on an entire new section for you to learn more about the Email Editor: Email Design Tips & Tricks! The first article is already out and, you guessed it, it's about writing HTML code for emails. We will continue to populate this section with more and more content to get you up to speed with the best design tips so that you can make your emails even more appealing to your target audience.



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