New: Design Panel Revisited!

  Now live in the Email Editor.

Improvements keep on coming...

We've made a lot of changes in the Email Editor to improve your experience creating emails with the APSIS One Email tool. These smaller, but significant changes will make it easier and more natural for you to customise the elements you add into the Canvas, by using our improved Design Panel features. Read more about the Design Panel...

Here's some of the features we've released today:


Back to Design Panel

We've made it easier for you to navigate back to the elements from the element options by locking the back button in the Design Panel.




Element Options

The Element Options in the Design panel had a huge makeover… Better navigation, reorganised and condensed options, new sliders and bigger fonts.




New Sliders

We've made it easier for you to adjust the measurements of your elements. Hover over the icons until you see the arrows, click and drag the cursor until you've reached the right measurement. You can always click on the number and input a measure in pixels if you don't want to use the sliders.




Icon Menu Element

No more restrictions: You can now choose to have 0px spacing between icons. However, we recommend that you keep a fair amount of space between icons depending on the design guidelines of the different services and platforms you add an icon for.



We've improved mobile visibility by choosing whether the icons of the Icon Menu Element should stack on top of each other or align horizontally in the mobile version.




  What's next?

It doesn't end there!

We're working on adding the option to set the Line Element to a vertical line, as well as the possibility of defining the length of the line. Also, we'll make it possible to adjust the width of a Button Element in pixels. You will also be able to add new link types such as phone number and file download. Last but not least, Assets in the Design Panel will have the option to be shown as cards or as a list. Stay tuned!



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