About Ecom Flows

About Ecom Flows

APSIS One's Ecom Flows in Marketing Automation are templates that you can use to boost your Ecommerce efforts. They're based on the Ecommerce Events and Attributes and allow you to follow up on Profiles' interactions with your brand to make sure that you can build loyalty and re-engage those who have left your website.

Also, Marketing Automation's Ecom Flows have a few unique features, like a special Listen Node, Ecom Flow Settings, and more. If you're after more in-depth information on how to use the Expand Ecom features in Marketing Automation, choose a specific Ecom Flow template from the left-side navigation to get started!



APSIS One's Ecom is all about the customer behind the Profile.

With Ecom, APSIS One users get Marketing Automation Ecom flows, the Product Recommendations tool, and 6 real-time Ecommerce Events and 4 Ecommerce Attributes fed into Profiles in their Audience. These Events and Attributes are available all across APSIS One for accounts with Ecom.

These are the Ecommerce Attributes and Events included in Ecom:


    • Last purchase date
    • Accumulated revenue (Coming soon...)
    • Last purchase value
    • Total of purchases (Coming soon...) 



  • Cart abandoned
  • Product viewed
  • Browse abandonment
  • Product purchased
  • Product carted
  • Cart purchased


Here's a short description of what you can do in Marketing Automation with Ecom.

Expand an item below to learn more about Ecom Flows: 

Abandoned Cart

Cart Abandonment

Send an email to your Profiles who added items to their cart and then became inactive for 60 minutes.

With this email you have the opportunity to reengage those visitors that abandoned a cart in your website, so make sure to include a message that brings them back to complete the purchase.



Post Purchase

Post Purchase 

Great! Profiles are purchasing your products or services and becoming customers. Send them an email a few days after a purchase and build loyalty.

Post-purchase emails see a higher open rate, click rate and can increase chances for a second purchase. Take the opportunity to be relevant and maybe ask for feedback for the product they purchased, or just say thank you!



Browse Abandonment

Browse Abandonment

This is a signal that is raised when a Profile has been inactive or closed their browser for 60 minutes. You must decide the specific conditions the Profile must meet in order to be targeted by creating a segment.

Browse Abandonment event is very similar to window shopping. It's important to take the opportunity to follow up only when Profiles have shown their interest in your products or services; sending communications that are too broad may come across as spamming.



Back in Stock - Coming soon...

Back in Stock

Notify Profiles that have been showing interest in one of your products or services when they're back in stock!



Price Drop - Coming soon...

Price Drop

Stay relevant! Send an email to the Profiles that showed interest in a product or service when the prices have dropped.




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