New: Attributes as Parameters

  Now live in the Email tool!

Personalisation is at the heart of APSIS One.

We've expanded the personalisation options available in the Email Editor. This new feature will allow you to make the most out of your APSIS One profile attributes!

The functionality is simple. When adding a link to your email, the Advanced options offers you the chance of choosing a parameter for the attributes you wish to use in your website. Assign a parameter, then use it in your website. These parameters will correspond with the APSIS One profile that reaches the website.




  What's next?

You guessed it: more and more features coming your way.

The next step for these advanced link options is supporting details about your APSIS One Email tool activities! Like the working name, activity ID and the time the email was sent.



These advanced link options will also allow you to enter the Profile ID as a parameter in your links, which is very useful and convenient for our more technical users who are taking advantage of APSIS One's APIs as well as other advanced features. Stay tuned!



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